(Short stories)

(Short story)

There once was a boy named Harry destined to be a star…his parents were killed by Voldemort who gave him a lightning scar⚡️.YO, HARRY UR A WIZARD.pupupupupp.Harry goes to Hogwarts he meets Ron and Hermione.McGonagle requires he plays for Gryffindor Draco is a daddy’s boy Quirle becomes underemployed the sorcerer’s…

Once upon a time

There was a girl named Ruby. One time she was in her sky-diving class, so she was sky-diving and she lost control of the bar and landed in a inhabited forest. She started walking and she saw a harmless beetle, and a…

Today i am going to start my my new book, i am going to type a few pages.

How will we celebrate 🎊?

Here is the setup of what I have prepared.

We got the yellow and orange roses from Napa Valley where we went…

Viti Singhal

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